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"My husband was just about to construct a 'blue board' wall to provide screening for our new pool when we found 'Garden Walls' on the internet. We all pitched in and put the wall up in a weekend with a lot less fuss and finishing that would have been needed with the 'Blue board' alternative. Great result. Thanks Guy's."


About IWS

At Integrated Wall Systems (IWS) we design, manufacture and install modular walls for the domestic and the commercial markets with walls available from 0.9 meters in height to 4.5 meters and above for sound attenuation walls (higher walls are available upon request).

As the walls are so easy to install customers buy DIY direct from us unless a direct agent is available. We flat pack IWS kits with DIY instructions all over North America.

IWS has brought together over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and construction industries to make and fully manufacture the IWS wall system inhouse at our new Ontario production facility.

The product and technology originated in Australia, where it has become the country's wall of choice for local Governments, large companies and residents Australia wide.

We are a customer driven business in the real sense, we pride ourselves on our standard of workmanship and finish. Any feedback is always encouraged.

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