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"My husband was just about to construct a 'blue board' wall to provide screening for our new pool when we found 'Garden Walls' on the internet. We all pitched in and put the wall up in a weekend with a lot less fuss and finishing that would have been needed with the 'Blue board' alternative. Great result. Thanks Guy's."


Commercial Barrier Wall Specifications

Get privacy, security, and noise insulation for your premises with an attractive functional barrier wall and without the high construction costs. The panels have internal recesses to accommodate electrical cable for security camera's, lighting, intercoms etc. No longer does a commercial or barrier wall have to look like one! Have the same pleasing look of a residential wall just taller.

Barrier Walls - Commercial and Sound walling over 10ft (3.0m)
  1. Installation instructions- barrier walls up to 15ft (4.5m)
  2. Painting specification sheet
  3. Engineering data overview
  4. Material data sheet
  5. Acoustic sound test

Technical Specifications Overview

  • Wall panels are a fibre cement/polystyrene composite sandwich panel manufactured by us to rigid quality guidelines.
  • An average panel weight is 95lbs (43kg) 8ft x 3ft (2400mm x 900mm)
  • Panel thickness is 3in (75mm).


The posts are designed and manufactured by us to our tight specifications from high tensile G550 material. This has been galvanized, dyna primed and coated on both sides with a special paint to enhance performance and accept all the modern acrylic coatings.

Impact Tested


  • A 4 kg shot put was dropped from a height of 3m on to a panel that was supported at each end above ground level. The impact was observed and measured.
  • The Impact was absorbed very well by the panel only causing a small indentation of 14mm. This damage can easily be repaired with external filler.
  • If Damage occurs that is above repair the panel can easily be removed and replaced.


  • Panel Load testing was carried out under supervision by a Cyclonic certifying structural engineer to comply with the NT-DTC requirements.
  • The panel was supported at either end and uniformly loaded and the deflection was measured at every layer of bricks.
  • The 3in (75mm) panel had a load rating of 1655lbs (750 kg), see pictures below.


The walls will easily resist the impact of domestic life, ballgames bikes etc.

If the wall is accidentally penetrated it can easily be repaired by an over the counter exterior patching system.

An advantage of the IWS system over heavier alternatives is if struck at speed there are no dangerous and heavy shards to injure the public.

If a panel is damaged beyond reasonable repair, complete panels can easily be replaced in approx 15 minutes.

NAL Acoustically Tested & Rated

Download acoustic report

Barrier walls gallery - CLICK HERE to view more images.

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