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"We couldn't be happier with our wall, it looks fantastic and only took us less than 2 days to put up. The Wall has enabled us to make more efficient use of our relatively small block and we're utilizing previously unused space, and as a bonus we also got a pleasant surprise when our House valuation went up more than the cost of the Wall."

Joe Lenck


Residential Privacy Walls

Where is your product available?
The product is available throughout North America and can be order directly from the factory and transported to your site, phone 1.866.990.4865. Integrated also has a growing network of agents who can help you directly.

Does the wall provide noise insulation?
Yes, it will provide excellent results from all forms of noise. Noise reduction is very height dependent thus the higher the wall the better the results (as with any form of wall). *National Acoustic Laboratory tested.

How high can I have a wall?
Residential Privacy Walls range from 3ft (0.9m) to 10ft (3m). Commercial Barrier Walls range from 10ft (3m) to 15ft (4.5m).
Higher walls are available on request.

What finish can I have? And do the panels come pre finished?
The panels and posts come in a primed state ready to accept any finish that fits with your environment. The wall can be painted, stuccoed or have brick or stone veneer applied. Graffiti problems can be addressed by using a graffiti proof finish.

Who can install it?
It can be installed by our Agents, a Fencing contractor or the competent DIY person. Free technical advice is offered. Printed instructions are available.

How long does it take to put a wall up?
On average 2 people can put up 65-85ft (20-25m) of 6ft (1.8m) high Residential Privacy Wall per day.

How much concrete will I use?
A Residential Privacy Wall at an average 6ft (1.8m) high will require approx 4 x 50 lb bags per posthole.

Do I need council approval?
Every council is different & you should consult your local council. As the wall doesn't use strip footings generally you will only need to comply with their relevant height regulations which can be found on their web sites.
If your local council has any questions we would be happy to assist.

What warranty does the wall have?
If installed by a recommended installer or in accordance with the fitting instructions the wall and all associated components are covered against product failure for 10 years.

How strong is the wall?
The wall panels have a strong laminated fibre cement face that has great resistance to impacts. Any severe impact that may bruise the wall can be easily repaired with exterior grade filler. Strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds.

Can things be attached or hung off the wall?
Yes, you can attach most things that would normally be attached to a masonry wall such as exterior art or Bali style hanging designs etc please contact us for exact fixing methods.

Does the wall have to be painted immediately?
No, all the materials used are exterior grade and the steel components galvanized and primed. We recommend though that you seal and paint the wall within 6 months of installation.

Commercial Barrier Walls

What is the maximum wall height?
Our standard range of Barrier walls go up to 15ft (4.5m) in height. We have built and engineered walls up to 20ft (6m) in height. Walls over 15ft (4.5m) are designed on a job by job basis so please just ask!

Can the BARRIER walls be installed by our own builder?
Yes, we offer a comprehensive installation guide and technical support. We can also offer a member of our team to attend the start of the installation to assist in set out and pass on any relevant trade secrets.
That said it is normally more cost effective for our factory installation team to perform the installation as we would expect to erect a wall twice as quick as a first timer.

Does the soil type, terrain category and wind region effect the installation spec?
We will supply a site specific installation specification for most Barrier wall installations which will state exact footing dimensions required based upon the wind region, soil type and terrain category.
All things are generally possible so we relish the challenge of any out of the ordinary or difficult installation requirements.

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