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"Dear Mark, Rebecca and I are delighted with our new wall. Please accept this letter as an expression of our thanks and high level of satisfaction. In short the whole experience has resulted in a wall that has exceeded our expectations and fell well within our limited budget. The interest it has generated within our street is amazing."

Simon and Rebecca Yuen

Finishes & Painting

The walling panels are installed in raw state that can then be coated in any conceivable finish and colour to suit your look.

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No more fights with the neighbours over a fence colour as both sides can have a different finish... stucco on one side, paint on the other! The choice is yours.
  • Stucco to match your house
  • Coat it with a textured or anti-graffiti finish
  • Give it a rock wall look with stone veneer or cladding products
  • Pick out an individual panel to tile in a mosaic
  • Or simply coat with an exterior paint
Fine Sand Based PaintStucco Paint
Stone Veneer ProductStone Veneer Product

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