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"Thanks for everything many comments on the wall one said it is the classiest fence in the street and has great street front appeal and we have had many guys walk into the yard just to check out the fence and how it is made. One guy said we should conduct tours as it looks so posh he he. Once again many thanks. Best thing I ever did."

Kind Regards, Dai & Pete Jones
January 2, 2009Attention All Editors
For Immediate Release


Integrated Wall Systems brings Australian technology to Canuck builders

Newton, ON - Imagine a barrier wall strong enough to stand up to hurricane force winds, light enough to be erected by a single person and durable enough to withstand the test of time?

Australia's Modular Wall Systems did - and the patented composite panel technology that revolutionized the design and construction of perimeter barriers down under is now available here, thanks to Integrated Wall Systems of Perth County, ON.

"We're very excited to be bringing this product to Canada," says Susan Faber, one of Integrated Wall Systems' three Canadian owners.

Most barrier walls are either made of concrete or wood, she explains. "Ours are built out of foam core concrete board panels that can be stacked up to 18 feet tall. They use a third of the concrete found in traditional block walls, they're just as strong and they can be erected or taken down very easily."

Nick Holden, President of Australia's Modular Walls Systems, says the company's walls have proven themselves to be as popular with home owners as they are with developers and municipalities.

"Cost-effective, easy to install and guaranteed to last… it's been a winning combination for us and it's going to be a winning combination for Integrated, too. We can hardly wait to start shipping product."

Integrated Wall Systems plans on erecting its first wall in Canada later this year. Whether you're a home owner, a developer or a municipality, you owe it to yourself to check out all of the features an Integrated wall has to offer: For more information, contact Integrated Wall Systems today.

For further information, please contact: Susan Faber
Integrated Wall Systems
Tel: 1-866-990-4865

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