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"Dear Kevin, I wish to convey my appreciation for a job well done at our Torrens Transit Bus Depot. We faced a problem of having to eliminate noise from our depot which was being projected onto the surrounding housing. Faced with costs yet again, in the high tens of thousands for a sound barrier which have built previously, the Garden Wall System came into its own. It saved not only on construction costs; the speed of construction was one fifth that of the previous sound barrier which we had constructed. The product looks modern, has a pleasing finish and is virtually maintenance free. I would not hesitate in recommending the product or your company to any future clients. Once again thank you."

Jerry Mavro, Project manager Torrens Transit
August 31, 2009Attention All Editors
For Immediate Release


Integrated Wall Systems erects barrier at Home Hardware HQ

St. Jacobs, ON - The first wall from down under has gone up in Canada - at the Home Hardware headquarters in St. Jacobs, Ontario.

"From an engineering perspective, it's pretty impressive," says Scott Courtemanche, maintenance manager at Home Hardware Ltd.. "We're very pleased with how it's turned out - both from a quality and a price point of view."

The 15-foot-high, 350-foot-long structure imported from Australia's Modular Wall Systems and erected by Integrated Wall Systems of Perth County, ON went up in just nine days and serves as both a sound barrier and a security wall to the building supplies retailer.

Susan Faber, one of Integrated Wall Systems' three owners, says while most barrier walls are made of concrete or wood, "ours are built out of foam core concrete board panels that can be stacked up to 18 feet tall. They use a third of the concrete found in traditional block walls, they're just as strong and they can be erected or taken down very easily."

What's more, she continues, "our walls are aesthetically pleasing just the way they're made - but can be finished in paint, stucco, brick, wood or stone, depending on personal taste."

Integrated Wall Systems manufactures perimeter walls that range in application from decorative pool surrounds to highway sound barriers. Whether you're a home owner, a developer or a municipality, you owe it to yourself to check out all of the features an Integrated wall has to offer. For more information, contact the company today.

For further information, please contact: Susan Faber
Integrated Wall Systems
Tel: 1-866-990-4865

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