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"We purchased the Gardenwall system after looking for some time for the best possible product at a good price. We live on a busy road and the wall has greatly reduced noise and also effectively blocked our visibility of traffic. The wall was installed over a weekend which was fantastic and with minimal fuss. We receive so many comments on how great the wall looks and we couldn't be happier."

Ann Tulip

Residential Privacy Wall Specifications

The Integrated Wall is a light weight wall system that is designed to replicate the look of a rendered masonry wall but without the cost and hassles. It allows the user to rapidly erect a masonry look wall and requires less infrastructure support i.e. cranes & heavy digging equipment. This translates to enhanced safety on site due to its light weight and ease of handling.

The wall is a completely modular system which ensures close to zero wastage, saving both cost and almost completely eliminating mess during construction.

The Integrated Wall System is comprised of composite fibre cement sandwich panels supported by a unique post system. The post system holds the panels in a rigid position whilst still allowing room for expansion and ground movement internally within the post.

When erected the wall displays amazing brick like strength.

All the panels are internally recessed to accept wiring for a number of different services. Lighting, Sound, Security etc...

Some advantages are:
  • IWS requires only a small posthole footing that can be dug by hand. So no need for expensive strip footings.
  • Our composite sandwich panels are lightweight and super strong, any expansion and movement can take place within the unique post system meaning the wall will never crack.
  • Modular construction means there is no wastage of materials with minimum site disturbance during installation.
  • Acoustically rated as a noise barrier.
  • Acoustic field test report (pdf)

Garden Walls - walls up to 3.0m
  1. Installation instructions - domestic walls up to 3.0m
  2. Engineering data overview
  3. Material data sheet
  4. Acoustic sound test

Technical Specifications Overview

  • Wall panels are a fibre cement/polystyrene composite sandwich panel manufactured by us to rigid quality guidelines.
  • An average panel weight is 95lbs (43kg) 8ft x 3ft (2400mm x 900mm)
  • Panel thickness is 3in (75mm).


The posts are designed and manufactured by us to our tight specifications from high tensile G550 material. This has been galvanized, dyna primed and coated on both sides with a special paint to enhance performance and accept all the modern acrylic coatings.

Impact Tested


TEST OVERVIEW: A 4kg Shot Put is dropped onto a supported panel and the deflection and impact damage measured and assessed.

Height: 3.0m drop IWS 75mm Sound panel supported as per installation method
Location test: IWS Factory NSW
Wall Type: Barrier Type Wall (75mm panel)
Deflection rate: 8mm maximum average depression depth.
Panel serviceability after impact: Still Serviceable
Panel structural integrity: Unaffected
Panel Repairable: Yes

The panel was both structurally and visually serviceable after the impact. No immediate repair was necessary & non-repair of the panel would not be detrimental to the performance of the panel's intended function.


  • Panel Load testing was carried out under supervision by a Cyclonic certifying structural engineer to comply with the NT DTC requirements.
  • The panel was supported at either end and uniformly loaded and the deflection was measured at every layer of bricks.
  • The 75mm panel had a load rating of 750 kg, see pictures below.


The walls will easily resist the impact of domestic life, ballgames bikes etc.

If the wall is accidentally penetrated it can easily be repaired by an over the counter exterior patching system.

An advantage of the IWS system over heavier alternatives is if struck at speed there are no dangerous and heavy shards to injure the public.

If a panel is damaged beyond reasonable repair, complete panels can easily be replaced in approx 15 minutes.

Flexibility is another key feature, the modular construction allows features such as slats, water features etc. to be incorporated into the walls thus allowing for the break up of long runs and to allow breezeways.

The IWS system is backed by a factory warranty of 7 years against faulty manufacture.

NAL Acoustically Tested & Rated

Download acoustic report

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